This Bakery Cafe In KL Is Where You Go For Freshly Baked Hearty Sandwiches That Are Too-Big-A-Bite

This Bakery Cafe In KL Is Where You Go For Freshly Baked Hearty Sandwiches That Are Too-Big-A-Bite

VCR Stacks Is Your Next Sandwich Stop

Step into its minimalist interior surrounded by lush greenery and be delighted with VCR Stacks’ freshly baked sandwiches range. VCR Stacks prides itself in delivering simple, comforting yet filled with flavour in one sandwich! Here, you are spoilt for choice as there is always something to please everyone from Classic Chicken, 4 Cheese Toastie to a sweet twist of Nut Butter Jelly, and more.


What’s interesting about this sandwich bar is the process of making its ultimate sandwiches. Pastrami Reuben is its take on house-roast black Angus pastrami. The sourdough rye would take three days to ‘feed and bake’, five days to brine the pastrami, and one month to ferment the sauerkraut. 

It has an incredible combination of mustard grain mayo and house-ferment sauerkraut encased between two Japanese rye sourdough slices. Our favourite!

On the other hand, Zen Stacks is perfect for vegetarians or if you’re feeling like going on a ‘vege’ diet. This sandwich is carefully curated with pan-fried halloumi, feta, tomato, confit portobello mushrooms, house-made pesto hummus and arugula on a sourdough ciabatta.

A scene-stealer this Aidilfitri, Cornflakes Madu Tartine is definitely a must-have. Beautifully crafted to ignite the kampung spirit, diners would think of Japanese rye topped with whipped buttercream cheese, a mix of tangy pineapple marmalade, and house-made Madu cornflakes, cranberry and almond at first bite. This tartine is an abominable fusion of nostalgic flavours!

If you’re up for guilty pleasure, head straight for STACKS Breakfast. This sandwich bar’s take on big breakfast comes with Spanish turkey ham, avocado, soft-boiled egg, and seeded sourdough bread. Without a doubt, the peppery harissa, rich feta, earthy za’atar, salsa and greek yoghurt are evidently a flavourful combination, making it a perfect brunch meal.

Most importantly, their aromatic coffees and delectable pastries are also a must-try!

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