[PINK CLOUD BY HAYES] Premium Sanitary Napkins

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☁️Pink Cloud by Hayes☁️

Hayes was born with “Ha” for happiness we bring about, and “Yes” as a recognition to the women all around the world. Give women the greatest identity and meet the most beautiful you. Healthy and hygienic, as comfortable as being in the clouds.


✨Each piece of sanitary pad/pantyliner contains Graphene graphene + anion pink strip

✨Nobel Prize Winning discovery – Graphene, superconducting properties

✨Improves microcirculation and blood flow

✨Balance body’s pH

✨Healthier and boosted metabolism

✨Relieve painful abdominal cramps and blood clots

✨Strengthen immune system

✨99.9% bacteria filtering

✨Prevent infection and inflammation

✨Eliminates odor caused by bacteria

✨Improve cervical health

✨8-layer protection design, perfect fluid flow structure for fast absorption

✨Japan’s high quality Siper Absorbent Polymer (SAP), absorb up to 200ml almost instantly

✨Fluid locking function – the surface is kept dry all the time, comfortable and breathable

✨1.2D top super fine cotton with incredible soft touch feeling and flexibility

✨Zero fluorescent and skin irritation substance

✨Lab-test proven to be non-allergic and zero side effect.

What is in the box:

Daily use (Wings type) 245mm x 8’s x 2 packs

Night use (Wings type) 290mm x 5’s x 2 packs

Extra Long (Wings type) 320mm x 5’s x 1 pack

Pantyliner 155mm x 20’s x 1 pack

Free limited galaxy colour pouch x1 (not embarrassing to carry around)

Thank you card x1


Product Name:Pink Cloud

Product (Box) Size: 28.5 x 14.5 x 12cm


Packaging colour:Deep Blue Colour Box

What’s inside 1 Box:Day Use x 16’s

Night Use x 10’s

Extra Long x 5’s

Pantyliner x 20’s

Pouch x 1

Thank you card x 1

Certificate:FDA, CE, ISO


Additional information

Weight 0.55 kg
Dimensions 28.5 × 14.5 × 12 cm
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[PINK CLOUD BY HAYES] Premium Sanitary Napkins

RM67.20RM78.00 (-14%)