• [SINCERO] Low Sugar Healthy Multifunction Smart Cooker (RC-900) ★6L★


    • Multi-Function: Rice (Low Sugar Healthy Rice/Normal Rice), Porridge, Cake, Stir Fry, Steam, Soup, Roast, Slow Cook & Rendang
    • Power: 900W, Heating power up to 150°C
    • Voltage: 220V-240V
    • Warming Temperature: 60°C -80°C (Keep Warm)
    • Delay Timer: 24 hours
    • *Low sugar rice – A cup of rice with 3 cups of water, 1/2 of water for 5 cups above of rice


    • Uniquely designed with a starch-reducing technology to help decrease up to 40% of starch content for a low-sugar level meal
    • Smart sensors to optimize water and temperature for nutritious and better-tasting meals
    • High-performance versatile product that is easy to operate
    • Featuring 12 pre-set cooking menus with controllable anything from soup and stew to rendang and cake and many more to perfection
    • Ideal 6L capacity makes it easier to prepare meals in bigger portions without using too much oil because its convenient, non-stick material
    • An easier and hassle-free cleaning experience: no more sticky leftovers and burn stains
    • Comes with a 24-hour delay timer which allows it to cook automatically at the desired timing of the user
    • Exclusive stainless steel ruby red body with higher quality and better durability
    • The modern style makes it perfect for any kitchen
    • The best investment for a healthier and improved cooking experience
  • [SINCERO] Pressure Cooker (SPC-9001) ★6L★


    • Multi-Function: Cake, Soup, Porridge, Rice, Fish Steam, Stew
    • Power: 1000W
    • Voltage: 220-240V
    • Warming Temperature: 60°-80°
    • Working Pressure: 70kpa


    • Multi-function cooker

    Featuring an 8 pre-set cooking menu, you can use it to cook almost everything from soup, stew, rice cooking, steam, cake making, and much more. It comes with a variety of cooking menus and gives you option to cook different meals with slow cook, pressure cooking, or reheat mode

    • Non-stick inner pot

    The non-stick inner pot allows you to stew, steam, stir fry and deep fry all your favourite food without the use of too much oil. An added plus point for those who dislike cleaning dirty pots or attending to dirty dishes. The detachable non-stick coating inner pot is east when it comes to cleaning, so worry not about sticky leftovers or stains in the pot because you can just clean them away easily.

    • Flavour Infusion Technology to save food 70% faster

    With the build-in Flavour Infusion Technology, the high pressure within the cooker is able to cook the food much faster, tender and moisture with up to 70% time-saving.

    • Large Capacity

    This generous pot size at 6 litres enables you to cook meals in family size from thick gravy curry to whole roasted chicken stew or flavorful biryani rice.

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